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Dispensing machine with high dispensing efficiency

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  Coil dispensing machine dispensing efficiency is relatively high, in this dispensing machine can be configured with a number of dispensing valves, the product dispensing bonding work, the dispensing production can be carried out on a number of products, work efficiency is the probability of dispensing employees, and in the glue output, dispensing positioning accuracy and other control effects Both are better.
Coil dispenser

  Introduction of coil dispenser

  The coil dispensing machine equipped with multiple dispensing valves can dispensing many inductance coil products. The dispensing efficiency is not only high, but also can effectively improve the output of inductance dispensing. Precision ejector type dispensing valve is equipped in coil dispensing machine, which has better effect in glue quantity control and better sensitivity of dispensing reaction. It is seldom used in inductance dispensing links to produce problems such as glue dropping and glue leaking. It is just because the coil dispensing machine is used to dispensing inductance. The production of inductors is affected by factors such as glue anomaly.
Inductor glue

  Application in inductive dispensing link

  Inductors can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy, and also can store magnetic energy as an electronic component. It is widely used in the electronic industry. Generally, inductors are arranged on circuit boards. In the process of inductor installation, dispensing technology will be used, and the inductors will be fixed in the electricity by adhesive tightness. In this process, the coil dispensing machine with high dispensing efficiency will be used to complete the production work. In addition to improving the efficiency of inductance dispensing, the quality can also be effectively improved. However, attention should be paid to the quality of domestic glue before operation, so as to avoid abnormal influence of glue on the production quality of inductance dispensing.
Coil dispenser
  The coil dispensing machine with dispensing effect can effectively increase the output of inductance dispensing in the inductance dispensing links, and the problems such as sensitive reaction, non-dropping, non-leaking can also ensure the quality of inductance dispensing production.

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