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he automatic two component injection machine needs two piece

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  Two-component glue dispensing machine is mainly for two-component glue dispensing production work, and two-component glue is in the bulk glue and catalyst glue will appear glue solidification phenomenon, if the automotive transmission dispensing link in the application of this glue, then in the use of two-component glue dispensing machine will be assembled two buckets, to separate Store the bulk glue and glue curing agent to facilitate the delivery of glue during use to complete the glue mixing.
Two component injection machine

  Two sets of glue dispenser for rubber barrel.

  The two-component glue dispensing machine introduced by Xiaobian is desktop type, and the dispensing accessories are not very complete. If it is to be used in dispensing links of automotive transmission, it is necessary for operators to manually replace the automotive transmission to complete dispensing production. In the process of production, some employees still need to manually complete the work. . Because of the use of two-component glue, in addition to the need to assemble two buckets, also need to replace the two-component work of the dispensing valve and injection needle, avoid the use of the process should not be suitable for glue caused by dispensing problems.
Two component injection machine

  Two component injection machine for dispensing dispenser of automobile transmission

  It is necessary to use two-component glue in the dispensing process of automobile transmission. Because of the special properties of two-component glue, the two-component glue dispensing machine will be used in the production of automobile transmission to complete the production work. Then the dispensing valve should be replaced by two-component glue dispensing valve. The choice of injection needle is also the same. It is required to meet two component glue applications. There are two glue supply buckets in the two-component glue injection machine, and the glue proportion should be set according to the dispensing demand of automobile transmission before use.
Dispensing for automobile transmission
  Because the dispensing of automobile transmission needs two-component glue, it is better to assemble two supply buckets in the two-component glue dispensing machine to ensure the quality of dispensing production of automobile transmission.

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