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Measuring desktop high speed glue machine

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The manufacturing industry has been fully developed in recent years, with the continuous improvement of production techniques, including bonding and packaging requirements more and more high, the traditional dispensing equipment has been unable to meet the demand in this kind of work, through the use of desktop type metering type high speed dispensing function to help solve all kinds of problems in production manufacturing industry, has considerable application market broad in our country.
Small metering high speed glue dispenser
Metering type high-speed dispensing machine adopts screw type dispensing metering valve for high precision, can strictly control the glue measurement, in order to achieve high precision dispensing work, support all sorts of high viscosity fluid, paste, aluminum silver paste etc., to ensure accurate easy glue dispensing, dispensing machine with high speed metering sealing cavity structure not only, to ensure the normal use of glue also improves the yield productivity.
Metering type high speed dispensing machine used in small objects or adhesive filling work effect is very good, can guarantee the glue consistency and achieve high precision dispensing work, programming work is carried out through the PC side of the WINDOWS Chinese operation interface, more convenient operation personnel for dispensing programming work, array programming support mass, normal working pressure at around 0.6Mpa, in order to achieve the best quantity of cement.
Micrometer high speed glue machine
How does the metering high-speed dispensing machine achieve the dispensing of object positioning? Mainly through the CCD vision positioning system to determine the location and signal transmission of objects. According to the requirements, we can change the working parameters such as glue quantity, time and speed of dispensing, which can help users achieve maximum material utilization and do array programming, so as to achieve mass dispensing. The operation is simple and practical, the simple and easy to handle operation can carry on the single person even the single person multi machine spot glue, in order to realize the best work effect of the glue.

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