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Desktop high speed filling dispenser

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Desktop dispensing machine is mainly used in small manufacturing production, responsible for the work package or adhesive, some production requires the application of the bottom filling process, the underfill technology makes the object more anti shock and anti vibration ability, to help manufacturers improve the practical value, through the use of high-speed filling dispenser can meet this part of the user's work demand.
Single station single head dispensing machine
Underfill is the bottom filling, this production technology in recent years in various fields are involved, mainly used in the production or electronic module with bonding more efficient filling at the bottom of the circuit board, the high speed filling dispenser of objects accurate glue filling work, make use of the object good effect, with the impact of anti vibration ability, electronic components for underfill work to extend the service life.
Hot melt adhesive table type high speed dispenser
Dispenser type structure, portability, according to the actual needs of the operating personnel may carry out the work of humanity programming, with high intelligent dispensing system to achieve high accuracy of quantitative dispensing, filling in the bottom of this module has an important role in the high precision dispensing manipulator, can perform various dispensing smoothly. The production object has better effect, the use of micro stepping motor as driving filling system, help users perform dispensing of high precision and high stability filling work.
Monorail filling high speed dispenser
Underfill technology is a challenge of dispensing equipment, filling in the official before the first to establish the process parameters of well filled objects, most of the underfill has a certain error, only through debugging link to reduce error to ensure maximum effectiveness of underfill.

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