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Desktop optical fiber high-speed glue dispenser

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Optical Desktop is a kind of material which provides the light source of optical communication, its position in the last century since 60s has attracted people's attention, then the fiber through continuous development has been able to do low loss and other advantages, to help people in optical communication effectively, dispensing link desktop high-speed dispensing function used in fiber production the next small series to introduce features of the desktop type optical fiber high-speed dispensing machine.

Multi station hot melt adhesive optical fiber high-speed glue dispenser

Because the fiber needs high yield, can support a plurality of optical fibers and dispensing station, through the arm specially configured to automatic loading and unloading function, mainly used in the optical fiber line can be stand-alone dispensing, single or multi machine working mode, debugging is very simple, through specific detection systems can be calculated the working parameters of the best solution for users to choose, to ensure the stability of optical fiber link dispensing and consistency, which is the most basic requirements of fiber dispensing needs.

Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser

In order to achieve the best dispensing effect, desktop high-speed dispensing machine before the formal work to carry out a round of debugging work, including dispensing strength, work pressure, glue and other related factors. The dispensing path debugging after moderate intensity is uniform, this is because the perfect screw compressor desktop type high speed dispensing machine on the internal working pressure control, can make the fiber link in dispensing increased the ratio of air pressure, do micro dispensing of fiber, without drawing the common problem of drip dispensing.

Desktop optical fiber high-speed glue dispenser

Positioning desktop type high speed dispensing machine in the market is relatively wide, but can be applied to image fiber and chip small parts can be used in the dispensing of some large parts such as dispensing, LED lamp and glass, as long as the desktop high-speed dispensing machine with Longmen type structure can be large objects glue.

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