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Automatic silicone dispenser is of great significance to the

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Automatic silica gel dispenser can spot different silica gel and sealant. It is used in various fields. The quality of glue and the advantages of silica gel's own use performance. In addition, the percentage of glue is reasonable, which is very harmful to the indoor environment of this kind of packaging.
Table top silicone automatic dispensing machine
In the use of the automatic silicone dispenser, we usually use the elimination method. The first step is to test whether the automatic silicone dispenser can operate normally, followed by the nature of the glue. Next, we test the indoor environment of the packaging is the power supply and area.
Let's do a good job from the power supply. The power supply of the automatic silicon dispenser must be stable and the working voltage is stable. In the packaging process, the ups and downs of the power supply are repeated. The stable working voltage isolation power supply can deal with this kind of situation.
In addition, some high frequency effects will also harm the quality of fluid packaging. The capacitance filter method is often used by professional technicians in the practical operation of the full-automatic silicone dispenser. All of these are caused by power supply problems to reduce the error of indoor environment.
Desktop type automatic dispensing machine
In addition to the power supply, the automatic silicone dispenser will also face the influence of regional factors. If the gas in the silicone rubber machine lives in the indoor environment, the influence of the gas in the indoor environment, the floating of the base, the vibration, the gas and the area radiation are all harmful to the operation of the silicone rubber dispenser. At the same time, the regional impact is more difficult to deal with than the power supply problem, because this can not be accurately measured with instruments, and the instability is very strong, so it is necessary for professional technical personnel of full-automatic silica gel machine to do a good job in detection, research and maintenance.
Standard dispenser platform
The automatic silica gel dispenser has different application effects and efficiency precision in many industries. Therefore, in the mass production line with high demand, it is more inclined to put the equipment into use, which can not only save costs but also greatly improve the production line rate.

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