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Manufacturer's direct supply desktop 331 position foaming di

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Among the types of dispensing machine, 331 refers to the movement travel of 300*300*100 mm, which belongs to a kind of dispensing machine with strong universality. The foaming dispensing machine introduced in this paper belongs to the same category as 331 dispensing machine. It belongs to a custom-made foaming dispensing machine specially used to control special foaming rubber for dispensing and sealing. Because of the particularity of foaming rubber, a dynamic dispensing valve with two-liquid mixing is selected to fix the glue. Quantity control is more suitable, and can be used in the application of shell sealing coating foam adhesive and socket bottom box fixing coating foam adhesive.
Standard version 331 foam dispenser without constant control
Explanation of parameters of foam dispenser
Equipment Name: Size of foam dispenser: 460*590*490mm
Output accuracy: 0.1mm travel: 300*300*100mm
Power supply voltage: 220V air source: 7KG
Suitable rubber valves: dynamic dispensing valves for foam mixing
Industry applications: shell sealing, socket bottom box fixing, glass gluing, doors and windows gluing, etc.
331 dispenser with constant control
Advantages of Intelligent Foaming Dispenser
Most of the foams we see are manually operated in cylinders. The manual operation can also be used to coat the foams such as sealing the shell or fixing the socket bottom box with low precision. However, this method can not maintain the consistent quality of the foams coated with the long-term stable belt, so as to support the long-term stable operation of the dynamic dispensing valve to precisely control the uniformity and accuracy of the foam volume. The automatic foam dispenser is mainly used to control the production of foam glue for product fixing, sealing, gluing and gluing. 331 stroke is suitable for the production of foam glue in most cases of shell sealing and socket bottom box fixing.
Cylindrical foam
Foam dispenser belongs to non-standard customized automation equipment, including dynamic dispensing valve. It is also customized according to the quality of foam. If you wish, please call Mr. Wang 13928403389.

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