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The glue filling technology is mainly based on the glue filling equipment. Without the use of advanced glue filling equipment, it is impossible to have a technology that meets the needs of glue filling. This is an inevitable result, such as the glue filling technology in LED industry, which needs a large amount of glue. If the glue filling technology fails to meet the requirements, it will not meet the needs, mainly with the machine. A direct relationship.
复动点胶阀 The effect of glue curing
Glue curing also has a direct relationship with glue filling process, such as using silica gel for glue filling, and using plunger dispensing valve, which is the miscarriage of parts in glue filling process. This will cause many problems. First of all, technology needs to be combined with machine parts, so glue curing problem should be combined with each other. Glue for the use of dispensing valve requirements, also need to have dispensing requirements, otherwise it is particularly prone to errors, with glue water speed control in general, did not meet the requirements of the amount of glue, LED glue filling process is not established.
Process of glue filling process:
灌胶点胶阀 Put the stirred glue into the dispensing pressure bucket, then pour the glue machine in succession, make every connection point well, then input the air pressure, the air pressure value can not be all input at once, need low to high input, generally need the value of 4-7mm/kfg, can also determine the air pressure output value according to the glue concentration, and then start testing LE. If the flow rate of glue and glue flow rate of D glue-filling machine are not high, the pressure will be raised and the pressure will be reduced if the pressure is too large. In the middle, there is another step, that is, to write the glue-filling program, which can be combined to get the glue-filling process, which is the origin of the glue-filling process.
硅胶点胶阀 Understanding the process of glue dispensing has great benefits for dispensing, such as understanding the operation process, knowing how to operate the glue dispensing machine, knowing how to control the flow rate of glue and the factors of glue curing, all of which can be learned from the method, so as to have better technology for the operation of glue dispensing machine.

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