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Whether the effect of mobile phone screen is good or not is

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The dispensing machine manufactured in China can be used for dispensing the screen of mobile phone, which is debugged according to the dispensing parameters of the screen of mobile phone. It can perfectly fulfill the requirements of the screen of mobile phone, and the tempered film dispensing machine can also be used for dispensing. If automatic dispensing is not required, manual dispensing method can be used, and it can still be used. Enough to achieve.
Using dual Y shaft can improve production efficiency.
The best feature of desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine is that it can reduce the time gap between dispensing products, which means double Y-axis, two kinds of uninterrupted wheel dispensing products, so as to continue dispensing, and will not appear in the product, there is a time interval, complete the product dispensing, there is no waste of too much time, as long as the dispensing parameters are debugged. After debugging according to the requirements of tempered film dispensing or mobile phone screen pasting, use desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine.
Automatic production is more positive.
Dispenser technology is the decisive factor to determine product quality. The effect of tempered film dispensing is the same as that of the mobile phone screen. It needs to have a machine that conforms to the production, and different machines will have different effects. Manual dispensing machine certainly has no good technology of automatic dispensing machine, production technology is different, automation will be more stable.
Manual and automatic performance and details
The better the technology is, the better the product can be produced. Why is the price of foreign products expensive? In addition to tariffs, more is the quality of imported products is generally better, so many people like imported products, desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine is the same. Some of the special parts are imported accessories, such as two-track, is imported from Taiwan, battery valve is imported, motor is Japanese, visual controller is German and so on. Many parts are based on foreign product cooperation or imitation research and development, performance can not meet the overall requirements. So the toughened membrane dispensing technology is related to the machine.

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