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Application field of high speed dispensing machine for alumi

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Aluminum high speed dispensing machine also called high-speed coating machines, high-speed machine, high speed glue glue machine, is designed to control fluid, and the fluid drip, automatic machine coated on the internal surface of the product or product. Now dispensing machine is widely used, suitable for a large number of industries, then what specific industries can use high-speed dispensing machine, the role in the production of those products?
Single position high speed dispenser
1. Electronic industry:
Since the alternative time electronic products in the industry is very fast, and high speed dispensing requirements are very large, is now the main production of rubber industry products, so the high speed dispensing machine aluminum build, can be a large number of high-speed production line. Mainly used for mobile phone shell, MP3, USB interface and other products to dispensing.
2, power industry:
At first, it was applied to a small amount of dispensing work in the light switch, and then, due to the extended mechanical driver switch for dispensing applications, the high-speed dispensing of the LED power switch. Dispensing range is further expanded.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
3, household appliances industry:
Home appliance products before the products only need manual dispensing can be completed, but the era of rapid development of this industry will also make full automatic high speed in the tide of the times, some large household electrical appliance enterprises have aluminum high speed dispensing machine was put into use in high-speed line, replace the cost and save the cost of artificial increase. Production efficiency. The main production of home appliances are color TV, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on.
4. Electrical industry:
The application of dispensing in industrial electrical industry includes: capacitor, transformer, relay, button, etc, high speed potting, motor coil coating, electrical door edge banding.
High speed adhesive dispensing machine
5. Solar photovoltaic:
The applications of solar photovoltaic industry include: photovoltaic inverter heat conduction, solar cell boxes, solar modules.

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