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Under normal circumstances, the proportion of AB glue genera

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  AB glue ratio has always been a concern, if the AB glue mixing is not suitable, it will affect the quality of backing camera adhesion. And the glue ratio is set according to many aspects, then under normal circumstances, AB glue ratio will generally be what?
AB glue ratio

  Introduction of AB glue properties

  Before answering the ratio of glue to water, first understand the properties of AB glue. AB glue is a common two-component glue, has a very wide range of applications in the dispensing industry, a B glue is a special glue, need a, B two kinds of glue mixed contact to achieve the best curing effect, in this process, glue ratio is a very important link, if the mixing ratio is not appropriate, not only Will affect the backing camera bonding quality, and can lead to glue curing in the AB glue drum, thus affecting the AB glue dispensing machine normal work, then what is the AB glue ratio?
AB glue dispenser

  Mixing ratio of AB glue ratio

  Usually, the best curing requirement can be reached when the ratio of AB glue is 1:1, but due to the adhesive strength, properties and other problems, the ratio of AB glue can be 2:1/4:1/3:1/10:1, and so on, and we would like to say that the ratio of AB glue to mix is usually 2:1/4:1/10:1. Ab glue dispensing machine and AB glue dispensing cartridge will be used in the bonding process of reverse cameras. AB glue dispensing machine is a fully automatic dispensing production equipment. Before bonding the reverse cameras with AB glue, the mixing ratio of AB glue can be set by hand-held teaching box, so that the glue can be transported to AB according to the set ratio of 1:1. The glue dispenser is used to finish the gluing of the reversing camera.
AB glue leakage
  In general, the mixing ratio of AB glue is 1:1, but for the factors of high strength and low demand for glue, the ratio of 1:1 is not suitable at all.

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