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Static electricity affects the normal operation of high spee

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The electrostatic phenomenon everywhere, generally static easily in the cold and dry winter, plant electrostatic phenomenon is also very common, including the effect of bonding packaging of high-speed dispensing machine used in industrial production will be static, then introduce the electrostatic ways in which affect the normal work of high speed dispensing machine.
High speed adhesive dispenser with double liquid hot melt adhesive
The dust is the most unfavorable factors affecting industrial production effect, which is easy to produce static electricity in the part of work machine, and then automatically absorb dust to the machine components, so the new dispensing machine is used for a period of time will appear after the dust accumulation of dust accumulation will affect the normal use of insulation resistance glue machine, normal working life to shorten the dispensing machine. The high speed work exhaust system of dispensing machine is also easy to be affected by electrostatic dust, and the exhaust heat system can not work properly, so the motor can be burnt out frequently.
Three axis automatic high speed dispenser
Sometimes the automatic detection system for high speed dispensing machine can automatically cut off, which is caused by electrostatic effect, although the static current is relatively small, but the resistance of the element is relatively small, when the current static electricity resistance components than high performance easy to completely destroy the dispensing machine components, resulting in automatic power-off cannot work normally, so the best in components with the micro electrostatic ring can solve the potential impact caused by electrostatic.
High speed dispensing machine for fluorescent powder
Note that the electromagnetic field generated by static electricity is very wide, easy to bring certain influence to the detection system, so sometimes found unstable detection system for dispensing machine, but also indirectly affect the human body, the staff dispensing biological clock is often caused by electrostatic biological clock disorders, and some could not determine the existence of pathogenic factors therefore, electrostatic easy to adversely affect the operation of high speed dispensing machine.

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