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What are the characteristics of the optical glue used in the

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Tempered film dispensing links need to use optical glue, because the optical glue almost transparent, so will not affect the touch and vision of mobile phone use, want not to affect the operation of customers, what also need to choose a high-quality dispensing equipment for dispensing, Xiaobian recommendation is a desktop double Y-axis dispensing machine, can complete the tempered film dispensing. Requirements, and more consistent with the requirements of the use of optical adhesive.
Characteristics of optical adhesive
What are the characteristics of optical adhesive? Xiaobian for your analysis, generally with colorless transparency (light transmission rate of 90%), not easy to bend, strong moisture absorption, cold and heat resistance, anti-aging, operability and so on, these are the characteristics of COA optical adhesives, is simply for the tempered film dispensing and products, although the use of glue is very meet the requirements, machine selection Selection is also more particular, otherwise it will lead to inconsistent glue.
Tempering film dispensing
Use optical glue to adjust dispensing parameters.
Desktop-type double Y-axis dispensing machine needs to adjust the mixing ratio of glue before dispensing with tempered film before using optical glue. Generally, it needs to mix glue. After completion, the dispensing parameters are debugged. This can reduce the problem of inconsistent glue output. There are still many dispensing steps for tempered film dispensing. In this way, the use of desktop dispensing machine can complete its assignment, not easy to dispensing problems, the completion of the toughened film packaging is quite high. The basic conditions for the production of optical adhesives should be observed.
331 high speed dispenser
Details determine product quality
The use of optical glue need to pay attention to some dispensing problems, details to do a good job to meet the requirements of tempering film dispensing, table-top double Y-axis dispensing machine dispensing technology has been in place, if you can do a good job in dispensing parameters debugging, you do not need to worry about the problem of inconsistent glue, understand the characteristics of optical glue, can be reduced out Now the probability of the problem, the use of desktop dispensing machine is through the manufacturer's experiment, this equipment is recommended for manufacturers to use. The debugging of dispensing parameters for tempered film dispensing will also be programmed according to the requirements, so as not to cause inconsistency in the use of optical glue.

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