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Full automatic high speed glue machine to strengthen the pro

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With the development of science and technology, need automatic dispensing technology is more and more small industries, such as the electronics industry, large construction industry need high-speed automatic dispensing machine production technology, and dispensing technology is constantly updated to ensure the quality of the development of high speed dispensing technology
Desktop full automatic high speed glue machine
To ensure the quality of products in the development of glue dispensing technology, and ensure the quality of other items of the object, in the production of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, the high-speed automatic dispensing machine debugging, in the production of each dispenser will go through many processes, and in the production after the end of each dispenser for debugging, ensure the movement axis of each dispensing machine in the process of using both hands, not technical failure and dispensing in the dispensing process
Desktop single station high speed glue machine
High speed automatic dispensing machine controller has also been strengthened, the controller has a display screen, the display shows each axis of movement, and will display each position for debugging when debugging, to ensure the normal work and each axis has the quality control, in the pro independent memory memory are kept in a fully automatic high speed dispensing machine and method into action, with thousands of kinds of dispensing, dispensing to ensure convenient and fast
Single seater thimble glue valve
High speed automatic dispensing machine for rubber valve, dispensing valve on the market can be used, and the controller in the operation of high-speed automatic dispensing machine will automatically give the dispensing valve application, fine point with a thimble type dispensing valve, some poor with the plunger type dispensing valve for dispensing, to strengthen the quality in the dispensing in

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