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Strengthening the bonding strength of silica gel with silica

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The effect of dispensing with dispensing products has a great relationship, for example: dispensing application of semi automatic dispensing machine in the mobile phone industry, so the dispensing yield is very low, the effect is far from the use of dispensing suitable high, want to strengthen the silicone adhesive strength need to use desktop type silicone glue machine, glue machine using this the fitting is very suitable to use silicone dispensing, basic properties have some relationship with silica gel.
Desktop silica gel high speed glue dispenser
Silica gel is divided into organic and inorganic silica gel, the general desktop dispenser is used with silicone, heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation properties, physiological inertia and so on, these are suitable for applications in the electronics industry, because of long time use electronic occur over heat phenomenon, so the use of silicone is not you need to use this electronic melt glue, the glue dispensing machine is the best high-speed silicone dispensing machine.
Desktop silicone high speed glue machine
Not only the glue can be appropriate, but also the speed of the glue is very fast, the speed of the high speed glue machine does not have the advantage of speed will not call such a name. The current circuit boards are basically produced by pipelining mode. The desktop silicone dispenser also has such dispensing. It can be used for single chip production or assembly line production.
Needle cylinder type silica gel high speed glue dispenser
At present, the best use of silicone adhesive is large and high speed dispensing machines and desktop type silicone dispensing machine, the price at least to more than ten million, the latter half of the former, large high speed dispensing machine accessories used very much, have such a performance, is a simple desktop version of dispensing equipment, but dispensing function no, the price is reduced a lot.

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