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The application of glue technology improves the production q

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Dispensing technology is to pour glue, paint and liquid into the position needed to be bonded, so that it can play the role of fastening products. In some accessories, glue can also improve the beauty. The use of traditional manual dispensing for dispensing work, need a large number of workers, leakage glue, etc. epoxy can easily occur in the dispensing process, affect the dispensing quality etc..
Desktop high speed glue machine
So a lot of industry will use the glue machine instead of the staff to do the glue work. But there are many kinds, such as desktop dispensing machine high speed dispensing machine, electric high-speed dispensing machine, requirements of different kinds of glue dispensing machine is different, so need to choose according to the requirements of the use of glue and glue dispensing machine in the purchase, to avoid leakage of glue, wire drawing, glue and other phenomena in solidification the dispensing process.
High speed three axis glue dispenser
The electric high-speed dispensing machine is a basic dispensing machine. It consists of electric motor, power switch, controller, digital display and so on. Generally, its type is relatively small, so it will be more convenient to put it into place. Although the electric high-speed dispensing machine needs a staff to replace the product operation, dispensing machine has faster dispensing speed and higher precision, so the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser is several times that of manual dispensing speed.
Three axis high speed automatic glue dispenser
Can be used to electric high-speed dispensing machine in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other products, in order to avoid the leakage of glue, glue and other phenomena, electric dispensing machine equipped with suction button in the dispensing case, you can use the manual press suction stop button, electric motor glue, can guarantee electric high-speed dispensing machine stability.

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