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The advantages of the power driven glue dispenser

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The dispenser can be used more, driving mode such as electric drive, pneumatic drive, piezoelectric drive, different operation methods of the three driving modes such as pneumatic drive mode is driven by high pressure air, because pneumatic drive provided is smaller, and the cylinder requirements are relatively high, so there is little dispensing machine adopts pneumatic drive mode. The pressure drive is operated by the voltage of the special crystal product. The pressure drive dispensing machine has the advantages of large driving force, wide efficiency and fast response speed, which is commonly used in dispensing machine. So what are the advantages of using a power driven glue dispenser?
Three axis high speed glue machine
As you can see from the name, electric power is related to electricity. Different from the way of piezoelectric driving, the electric drive is through the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy for dispensing. Although the volume of the electric actuator is large, it provides larger driving and short response time. The glue dispenser with this type of driving is easier to operate, and the stability of the glue is also high. The use of this driving method is also a lot of glue machine, such as parts: electric high speed glue machine, desktop high speed glue machine, double component high speed glue machine and so on.
Desktop electric high speed glue dispenser
In which the electric high speed glue machine is relatively small, it needs a worker to hand in hand to carry on the glue work. The use of electric power dispensing dispensing speed, and a dispensing machine can control the speed of the dispensing button, the staff in the operation according to the operation of skilled debugging of dispensing speed, avoid drawing, glue dispensing machine and other phenomena affect the product point of glial volume.

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