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The influence of the rising labor cost on the glue dispenser

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China has the advantage of low labor cost countries all over the world know, this trend makes most factory production tend to human work, with the continuous improvement of living standards of our country labor advantage has all gone, most of the production work tend to automatic intelligent equipment, so that the application of intelligent production equipment has gradually spread in the intelligent dispensing equipment were introduced, most of the links are used for manual dispensing, along with rising labor costs of the dispensing machine has the certain influence.
Double station high speed glue machine
Ordinary manual dispensing can meet the high demand for the production of a series of work in the low labor cost in the long-term implementation of malpractice exposed increasingly manual dispensing and manual dispensing is difficult to accurately control the precision and quality of the dispensing effect is decided according to the operator's manual dispensing mode, product quality uneven, and in efficiency it is difficult to meet the production targets, the rising labor costs to the model not to expand the application of more.
Multi axis high-speed linkage dispensing machine
The dispensing appears to help users solve the problem of labor costs, through the intelligent control system can work in high speed uniform dispensing of different products, improve the high consistency of production work is very low, the demand for manpower, the operator only needs to adjust the working parameters and the material can be responsible for.
Double liquid high speed glue machine
There exist a dispenser dispensing machine is power driven pneumatic drive, power supply control is the glue dispensing machine advantage is very stable, lack of glue glue leakage and other problems will not occur when dispensing, dispensing machine and pneumatic drive cost low and wide application range is wide, which belongs to the more general high speed dispensing equipment.

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