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Methods to prevent the inaccurate glue point at high speed g

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When dispensing, the staff can choose glue dispensing needles with different inner diameters to control the dispensing point and the output of glue, so as to avoid the improper amount of glue and influence the dispensing work. For dispensing work in the use of high speed dispensing, dispensing needles and table position or distance debugging error, resulting in high speed dispensing the glue point to no product dispensing position, influence the effect of dispensing, so what is the best way to prevent out of product dispensing position high speed dispensing machine? The following is a brief introduction.
Desktop four axis high speed glue machine
In high speed dispensing glue to no product dispensing position before the first to find out the factors affecting the high speed dispensing glue reasons out of the front said: dispensing needles and working table position or distance debugging error, will affect the dispensing point of No. If the dispensing needle and the workbench position or distance debugging error, can try the slowly alignment first, until the high speed glue function accurate alignment carries on the glue work.
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Apart from the location or distance between the worktable and the needle, the glue dispensing point is not allowed for the products. If the quality of the glue is not good, it will not only block the dispensing needles, but also affect the dispensing quantity of the dispensing. So in the dispensing work, check the quality of the best use of glue, if found in the dispensing process with glue residue, can stop working high speed dispensing glue out, pressure barrels after cleaning can be replaced with glue, glue and avoid impurities mixed replace glue clogging phenomenon. Effect of dispensing work.
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The above is the way to adjust the dispensing point to the location of the product. Besides the above, we need to know the way of using it when we use it, so as to avoid the incorrect usage and influence the dispensing work.

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