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Expansion of encapsulation technology to improve the use val

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The chip is responsible for signal processing operation of silicon in smart devices, essential production line glue process chip, dispensing machine is very wide application in chip package, in addition to the shell and complete chip bonding together, but also on the part of the pin dispensing to strengthen the fixing effect, make it work for a long time does not appear pieces out welding failure problems, improve the service life and operation effect of the chip, after a long time of development there are many kinds of chip package technology, enhance the chip use value.
High precision glue
DIP packaging technology is mainly applied to chip welding foot and circuit board, integrated circuit mostly adopts the package, when the package area and the area of the chip is the higher ratio, the product volume is bigger, this package compared with current technology has become obsolete, a chip will use this way.
PFP is a package to a broad scope, suitable for the application of this technology in high frequency work, mainly used in pin bonding work with the circuit board, the chip pin alignment of solder joints and then use high strength adhesive glue, the long-term use is difficult to fall off, with dust proof ability the chip greatly improves the use effect and service life.
Three axis high speed glue machine
With the continuous development of chip package technology, the dispensing role is becoming increasingly apparent, the metering type high speed dispensing machine in the chip package work has played an important role in the measurement of high-speed dispensing can help operators modify the real-time parameters, to meet the specific needs of different sectors of the dispensing work, reduces the error of chip package the rate of non-performing products.

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