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Normal working conditions of double component high speed glu

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A two-component high-speed dispensing machine is a suitable for dispensing AB equipment, intelligent high-speed dispensing mode so that it can work with high quality and stable long-term implementation of dispensing, the main products widely used in potting work, two-component high-speed dispensing machine is used to glue to ensure high precision high efficiency, two-component high-speed dispensing the machine needs to complete dispensing work better in good working condition, so what is the two-component high-speed dispensing machine's normal operating conditions?
Landing type double component high speed glue machine
First the normal working environment is an important factor to affect the dispensing quality, if more dust and foreign matter in the environment, easily affect the bonding strength in the dispensing process, the need for dispensing work in ventilated and dry environment, if the environment is easy to reduce moisture glue use effect, when the internal high-speed dispensing machine moisture often appear unable to start the problem can be removed by electrothermal blowing dry box dispenser in moisture.
Large double liquid high speed glue machine
Besides working environment may affect the quality of dispensing, there are still some potential factors that will affect the quality of dispensing. If the operation voltage of two component high-speed dispenser is unstable, it will directly affect the consistency of dispensing. The effect of pipeline production will be greatly reduced.
Related accessories will also affect the two-component high-speed dispensing machine so as to the quality of the work, according to the actual demand with different dispensing machine parts, regular maintenance can strengthen the two-component high speed dispensing machine service life and the effect of dispensing, if it is found that the mechanical arm movement difficulties in dispensing glue, can add lubricating oil appropriate to enhance its mobile effect in the guide.
Double component glue
The correct ratio of the double component glue is also an important factor. It is necessary to make a uniform and full mixing to make the best use of the glue.

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