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The application of the multi head high speed glue machine wi

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With the development of modern industrial production rising demand, the traditional dispensing equipment has been unable to meet the high demand of production lines, the majority of users need to demand a practical and efficient dispensing equipment to meet industry production, long high-speed dispensing machine is a high performance dispensing equipment, through the configuration of multiple dispensing head for simultaneous dispensing the work of a number of products, and to ensure the consistency of the efficiency of the dispensing quality, plays a very important role in the production industry.
Desktop multi head high speed glue machine
Multiple high-speed dispensing machine the most notable feature is a dispensing head, the equipment working efficiency and multiple dispensing work at the same time not much difference between, and dispensing dispensing equipment stability than ordinary higher and more comprehensive, applied to some small parts production and dispensing can greatly improve the work production, using imported stepper motor as the driving mode of dispensing work and enhance the multiple high-speed dispensing machine performance and dispensing work stability.
Long high speed dispensing machine works stably and efficiently, the high sensitivity of the operating system can real-time adjust according to the operator's immediate response to stop working automatically after fast high speed dispensing glue, the glue does not appear to influence the cleanliness of the drip dispensing objects, prevent glue drawing problems appear, effectively improve the stability of long dispensing work.
Multi head single station high speed glue machine
In order to facilitate the operator to modify parameters, multiple high-speed dispensing machine support teaching box programming work adjustment connection operation, whether it is irregular or slit filled dispensing path can be accomplished through multiple high-speed dispensing machine, effectively meet the needs of modern industrial production of high quality.

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