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Finishing high demand glue work through visual high speed gl

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The dispensing machine on the market can be ranked on the name of a jet type dispenser, dispensing machine, high-speed visual desktop automatic dispensing machine, dispensing equipment the dispensing machine is relatively good, the dispensing function is relatively complete, generally difficult task is to use the glue dispensing machine to complete the production process, these are the dispensing machine is very mature, basically not the dispensing process problems, use efficiency is also compared with other good dispensing machine.
Large visual high speed glue machine
In order to improve dispensing technology, System Automation Co. Ltd. has never been reduced for high speed dispensing machine research and development efforts to produce appropriate market requirements of the dispensing machine is relatively slow, and high speed dispensing machine is in the visual system, the result of the efforts, the use of a large number of advanced technology and money, for several months, and finally the dispenser, have a relatively large progress in dispensing and speed, can meet the demand of the industry more.
Desktop visual high speed glue machine
High speed visual dispensing machine can realize the positioning function and the use of a dispensing, precision control system, which can limit the size of the glue dispensing, in small industry, the vision system can take pictures were transmitted to the central position of the dispensing system, analysis to the dispensing position is where, why visual dispensing machine can accomplish the high speed high precision the dispensing, the main reason is to carry out the inspection of the products, there is no visual system to a series of basic dispensing process.
Intelligent visual high speed glue dispenser
The visual basic is high speed dispensing machine for large flow and high precision dispensing environment, now most are large enterprises to use visual high-speed dispensing machine, other industries are also using visual high-speed dispensing machine, is still relatively small, the use of dispensing best known of its technology, which can be used in place or what is able to use, so it will not cause oolong.

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