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Preparations for the operation of a visual high speed glue d

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In recent years, dispensing industry demand is at rising stage, the intelligent dispensing equipment once a shortage in the market, the vision positioning system with high speed visual dispensing machine can complete all kinds of high precision dispensing work, effectively meet the needs of different users working point glue dispensing machine, of course, high speed vision before operation for some work to do, can help the visual high speed glue dispenser with higher precision and work efficiency.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
Because of the visual and general high speed dispensing machine dispensing machine, comprehensive operation function for the complicated operation keys and the interface, if it is the first contact dispensing industry people may be unable to operate high speed vision dispensing machine, so the operator should be trained to master the operation of the dispensing machine specialized training.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
To ensure the high speed dispensing machine working table and visual flat to ensure the efficient and stable dispensing work, the working environment in a dry ventilated environment, peripheral vision high speed dispensing machine to avoid other foreign matter affect the dispensing work, to ensure the best clean and efficient work environment.
High speed dispensing machine vision positioning system can improve the efficiency and accuracy of dispensing work, in order to ensure that the work can be carried out smoothly, in addition to set the relevant parameters to ensure the implementation of the dispensing mechanism has good smoothness, can add to the executive arm part parts of the machine lubricating oil to enhance visual high-speed dispensing machine work effect.
High speed visual glue dispenser
If you do not need to use the visual high speed glue machine for a long time, we should carry out the corresponding equipment maintenance work, and formulate the relevant accessories for the periodic cleaning machine. The remaining glue should be removed and stored separately to avoid the use of the internal glue crystallization, and can not be mixed with the new glue to influence the next glue quality.

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