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The difference between one component and two-component glue

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Distinguished from fluid dispensing, dispensing machine using single component support called dispensing, and support the two-component glue dispensing has been classified as a two-component dispensing machine, both of which are common used in glue coating and adhesive work, also has its application in packaging production areas, most of the market belongs to the dispensing machine one component dispenser, because the two-component glue application as one component glue so broad, two-component dispensing machine only in certain industries will be applied to the demand.
Landing type double component high speed glue machine
One component dispensing machine only supports the use of single component glue dispensing, there are some limitations of single special glue is used, such as UV glue, red glue are special component glue before use, need treatment can used for dispensing work, not much difference between the bonding effect and glue manufacturers to develop, to meet the most of the work package glue, glue manufacturers to develop beyond may not reach the best effect within the scope of work.
A two-component glue machine is designed to solve this part of the needs of the user's production needs, mix can effectively enhance the bonding strength and bonding quality by two-component glue dispensing machine, two-component glue bonding strength is made according to the ratio of glue, A glue which belongs to body glue, B glue to catalyst to speed up the reaction, adding B can greatly enhance the adhesive reaction of A adhesive density and viscosity, can meet the specific needs of the majority of users on bonding strength.
One component of three axis high speed dispensing machine
The new high speed dispensing machine high speed double liquid dispensing machine belongs to a multifunctional, high speed positioning glue can be used semi finished products of different materials for dispensing, the scope of application of high speed double liquid dispensing machine in the industry production is very broad, can be applied to both in electronic production line or in other furniture industry and lighting industry.

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