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The dispensing mode of the fully automatic five axis high sp

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Five axis high speed automatic dispensing machine belongs to a multifunctional high-speed dispensing equipment, dispensing applications very much, used in industrial electrical appliances, electronic industry and lighting industry is very extensive, is essential for modern industrial production of a package dispensing tool, according to the operator needs to perform automatic and automatic dispensing operation model, no matter what kind of mode can maintain a stable high-speed dispensing mode.
Five axis high speed glue dispenser
It is to be applied to the automatic dispensing mode is usually performed in high demand pipeline operation, the operator will be related to the programming input parameters can perform automatic dispensing work, through the powerful high-speed precision dispensing can solve most of the demand for dispensing, dispensing with the slit in some small objects, through the automatic detection system can filter out the dispensing bad products, improve the work capacity. Of course, we must pay attention to the integrity of the working arm when we execute the automatic high-speed dispensing, maintain the five axis flexible dispensing bearings to achieve the best working state, and achieve low friction and high work efficiency.
Semi automatic dispensing is generally used to rework links, with the changing demand, the use of automatic dispensing mode may not be able to fully meet the demand, semi automatic dispensing mode through the installation of related accessories, the operator hand work automatic glue glue gun can work according to the corresponding frequency by setting, compared with the actual operation of personnel the work needs, which is flexible automatic dispensing work very hard to do.
Automatic multi axis high speed glue machine
In addition to perform contact dispensing outside the automatic five axis high speed dispensing machine can perform non-contact dispensing assembly, as long as the spray head can spray work, the coating area is wider and more stable.

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