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Preparations for the operation of a multi station high speed

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Multi station high speed dispensing machine is only in recent years began to be popular in various industries, because it did not have the manufacturing of multi station high speed dispensing technology and strength, because the manufacturing technology of dispensing machine gradually mature, so began the development of a variety of unique dispensing machines, multi station high speed glue machine is one of them, for the technical requirements relatively high, dispensing businesses in general is unable to create good multi station dispensing machine.
Double station high speed glue machine
The dispenser has become more popular in the market, but some companies do not have access to the dispenser, so for the multi station high speed glue dispensing preparations before understanding is not clear, resulting in the operation will be delayed dispensing time or dispensing problems in the dispensing process, dispensing preparation work is more important. Related to the production speed and quality problems, so we need to take seriously.
In fact, many workers for high speed dispensing preparations with ordinary dispensing almost, there are a number of different stations is common problem, only the adjustment of a dispenser is good, do not need at all the stations, multi station dispensing machine is generally multi station two stations, the dispensing technology is no way to develop the dispensing machine four position above the technical conditions of demand is relatively high.
Multi head and multi position high speed glue machine
Multi station high speed dispensing machine for dispensing machine is for inspection and maintenance, because the use of glue dispensing machine will solidify, after before using once no cleaning dispenser is prone to toxins, so need to check all the parts whether there is such a problem before work, the second is to check the lubricating oil between multi station dispensing machine all of parts is sufficient, can reduce the friction between the parts, prevent dispensing machine made useless.
Multi position bubble lamp high speed glue machine
The above is to operate the multi station high speed glue machine need to do the preparation work, only according to these requirements, the service life of the glue dispenser can be effectively improved.

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