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The uneven alignment of the glue point of the CNC high speed

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CNC high speed dispensing machine dispensing equipment is a high precision and high efficiency, adhesion and encapsulation work through special mechanical arm dispensing can achieve a variety of objects, unique CNC detection can help the operator to detect a bad moment in dispensing and selected, embodies the powerful high-speed dispensing machine. Sometimes there will be some common problems in the glue work, which is generally a problem in the parts of the accessories.
Desktop CNC high speed glue dispenser
Needle tip deviation of 1. needles
The glue point malalignment will affect the adhesive work finally, selection of needles is very important, generally dispensing needle dispensing machine specifications according to the driving pressure to choose the most appropriate, the needle may be used to determine the correct needle tip long offset glue point counterpoint, CNC high speed dispensing machine all the time to carry out high-pressure production work, if the needle tip offset will determine the system resorted to glue and glue on the uneven, operators need to pay attention to whether the dispensing needle due to excessive usage caused by offset.
Brush needle
2. point glue valve congestion
The dispensing valve may also affect the precise alignment of glue dispensing point, if the valve seal difference can easily lead to the entry of foreign matter, glue easily in the dispensing valve part of the circulation is affected when the congestion caused foreign body, glue glue under malalignment and other issues, through strengthen the sealing effect of dispensing valve can solve the foreign body lead to inconsistent the problem of qi.
UV adhesive
3. characteristics of glue
Some special glue has a characteristic of expansion and contraction, if the temperature changes due to instant glue glue due to loose thermal expansion and contraction, alignment and bonding lead to affect the final, it is best to avoid the impact of these potential factors in the selection of glue.

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