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Debugging of glue quantity of water cell high speed dispensi

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Glue debugging work is a preparatory work should be carried out in most of the dispensing machine, production processes such as batteries need to be applied to the dispensing process, so the amount of glue debugging work is a very important step, specific to the implementation of the glue, glue delay time control, glue gas pressure control, through the glue the amount of water can help debug battery high speed dispensing machine better dispensing work.
Large battery double fluid dispenser
High speed glue glue dispensing machine belongs to the delay after the completion of the work of debugging, dispensing operators most directly off the dispensing port, the glue can not fully out, if not promptly clean up is easy to be blocked, high speed dispensing glue valve, if used in battery manufacturing industry point to glue defective products in batches, to establish a good open delay time in order to better fulfill the battery normal dispensing work.
Working valve of high speed dispensing machine
In order to improve dispensing work quality, in addition to open outside also determine the exact delay time of the glue, if unable to accurately control the adhesive time, easy for small objects such as glue dispensing battery too much or too little, the defect rate is soaring, so in high speed dispensing before the first associated debugging work to establish a good glue working time.
Double fluid high speed dispensing valve
Working pressure dispensing machine is mainly provided by the gas generator, air pressure determines the quality and speed of dispensing dispensing, if the choice of the dispensing needle with smaller diameter, the quantity of cement will be affected by the smaller, so the working pressure to adjust to higher than usual, and different working pressure dispensing equipment are also different working pressure, dispensing specific value should be established in the debugging work, accurately control the quantity of cement and finished product dispensing effect at any time can.

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