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Attention problems of semiconductor high speed dispensing ma

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High speed dispensing machine commonly used in electronic industry that is used for accurate dispensing, dispensing semiconductor, circuit board and the other is the use of semiconductor devices. However, parts of the board consisting of not stable, need to use glue to package, it can be fixed on the circuit board semiconductor not because there will be a problem of shaking off.
Micro high speed dispenser
Is a small semiconductor device, the dispensing machine accuracy has certain requirements, high precision dispensing machine is particularly high, can be used in semiconductor packaging, so some enterprises also called semiconductor high speed dispensing machine, we can see that the high speed dispensing machine has the very high achievement in semiconductor packaging.
In a semiconductor package need to pay attention to dispensing issues, not glue glue, wire drawing, leakage leakage drops, all these problems are easier to solve, because the installation of product detection system for high speed dispensing machine, as long as there are bad can alarm, such problems as long as the replacement of the appropriate dispensing needle or glue, can to solve these problems.
Single station double head high speed dispenser
The dispensing machine is three axis dispensing, due to technical problems, is not the perfect solution to the Z axis automatic shift problem, so we must pay special attention to the Z axis and maintenance, long working hours will automatically shift, the method can reduce the Z axis mobile number, now can be installed automatic proofreading dispensing system, although not stop high speed dispensing machine Z axis shift, but can guarantee the quality of semiconductor package.
Dispensing of semiconductor chip package
High speed dispensing dispensing technology is relatively mature, but also strengthen, at least to solve the Z axis automatic shift problem, this is the real quality of semiconductor packaging, dispensing machine there are many aspects of the technology need to be strengthened and improved, with domestic rubber industry to create a perfect high speed dispensing machine.

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