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Main application industry of vertical high speed dispenser

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The application range of dispensing technology is widely used, whether large or small object object production line production line, as long as the application to the glue dispensing work need to be executed, the practical application of high speed dispensing machine in various industries have a very important position, through precise point glue control system to help users perform high accurate batch dispensing work, both ensure the production efficiency and meet the users demand for the quality of dispensing.
High speed dispensing of mobile phone
The rapid development of electronic communications industry in China and the dispensing process is closely related to the problem of internal mobile phone chip package is always the focus of attention, there is no doubt that chip dispensing can bring better effect to the user, after dispensing chip through signal transmission faster and more stable, and increased service life, have certain effect of dust and moisture so, the chip dispensing demand has been high, the realization of communication chip with the use of a better effect by the vertical high-speed dispensing function, through the movement of high-speed accurate dispensing can meet the needs of users.
Large vertical high speed dispenser
With the development of intelligent lighting concept, LED industry practitioners began to pay attention to the idea of a more developed LED lamp with different functions, including intelligent lighting need firmly with the substrate are bonded together by high speed dispensing function can achieve high demand of intelligent lighting, through the intelligent dispensing system can maximally avoid dispensing scratch object problem.
Pipeline type high speed dispenser
Vertical high speed dispensing machine is also known as the floor type high speed dispensing machine, equipped with a variety of functions to help users perform different dispensing work needs both part of the package or docking, link need to be applied to, but also for potting on some objects, is a practical and efficient dispensing equipment.

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