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Using vertical high speed dispensing machine can save materi

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In our country, has become an important manufacturing industry dispensing technology, whether it is small or large manufacturing manufacturing industry needs to be applied to dispensing technology, vertical high-speed dispensing machine is a large high speed dispensing equipment, powerful functions can help users achieve the various needs of the dispensing work, do the high quality and efficiency of dispensing, using the vertical high speed dispensing function to help users save cost.
Vertical vision high speed dispenser
Vertical high speed dispensing work platform is larger, can also carry out batch object dispensing work, through the visual positioning system can accurately high-speed dispensing work on target position, electric dispensing valve unique configuration transformation of material use rate is high, and can stably provide adhesive glue, no pneumatic leak faults common type dispensing valve problems, directly enhance the yield, applied to some specializing in the production of the response is very good.
Large vertical high speed dispenser
At present, the market is very popular dispensing dispensing equipment all kinds of automation and standardization, so desktop automatic dispensing machine occupies large amount of market in our country, which is mostly through the automatic dispenser for dispensing pneumatic, pneumatic dispensing dispensing work is very difficult to guarantee the stable, the ratio of vertical high-speed dispensing dispensing machine just a little bit worse.
Vertical double head high speed dispenser
Vertical dispensing a large area of high cost so not subject to the user's attention, to perform automatic dispensing machine general cannot do more demanding work dispensing vertical high-speed dispensing function in fact, through the multi axis linkage system can work for coating various irregular paths, distributed intelligent treatment can avoid glue. Automatic dispensing machine drawing common problems, to ensure the stability and consistency of the dispensing work, is a very high practicability dispensing equipment.

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