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Why fiber glue dispenser is preferred for fiber dispensing

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Optical fiber is a fiber transmission of last century in order to realize optical signal transmission and unique research, mainly used in the transmission line which acts as a signal transmission function, the rapid development in science and technology now its working status is self-evident, so the market demand is very high, some fiber manufacturers use manual dispensing adhesive dispensing machine is used, some auxiliary the traditional high speed dispensing machine when input optical fiber bonding can directly eliminated the two working modes, some fiber manufacturers have widely recognized high speed dispensing machine works, then why optical fiber high speed glue dispensing machine of choice?
Desktop optical fiber high speed dispenser
There can be no differentiation without contrast, ordinary manual dispensing is very difficult to guarantee the dispensing of the efforts for a period of time to maintain manual dispensing dispensing work, when the arm keep working for a long time to sour in the fiber dispensing process may be offset, and manual dispensing can not guarantee the consistency and integrity of fiber dispensing needs, so the scrap rate is soaring, and high speed dispensing machine without fiber quantitative dispensing process due to objective factors affecting the work continuity, so the high-speed fiber noleak adhesive dispensing machine, material consumption is low and the anti-interference ability is strong, and reliable working performance.
Three axis full automatic high speed fiber glue dispenser
The traditional dispensing work mode is more inclined to use traditional tools, dispensing efforts is difficult to adjust, if not in place in the debugging section before dispensing, easy QianYiFaErDongQuanShen in changing the parameters, can not guarantee the fiber dispensing work coherence and consistency, will affect the final effect.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
High speed dispensing machines do not have this problem, because the high speed dispensing machine equipped with more advanced operation teaching box, working parameters can be obtained by the teach box change rather than traditional dispensing machine modifications in the procedure, will not affect the final effect of fiber products.

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