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Matters needing attention in high precision cantilever high

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We hope the dispensing machine operator in the operation of high precision high speed cantilever dispensing machine, should carefully read the operating profile and attention, in order to avoid the occurrence of serious errors and dispensing some bad phenomena, but also make high precision high speed dispensing machine with cantilever longer life. The following I would like to mention some of the necessary suggestions, hoping to pay attention to these in peacetime work, these may help you in peacetime.
1, the operator itself should be subject to professional training and learn the basic operation of high-speed dispensing machine and procedural rules, as well as important points of attention.
Visual floor type high speed dispenser
2, dispensing machine equipment should need timing regular maintenance and repairs, to prolong the service life of the machine, check whether the device need replacement parts, working environment is suitable for normal work, to avoid the bad contact of high precision high speed cantilever dispensing machine.
3, high precision cantilever high speed dispensing machine itself working platform is in the horizontal line, there is no deviation and tilt, we usually use the foundation screw to adjust the level of the platform.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
4, before the beginning of the work need to check again, cleaning pump should pay attention to the switch button is open, but also pay attention to the nozzle and the water source should be connected, so as to avoid leakage situation.
5. Check whether all the mechanical transmission parts of high speed dispensing machine need to be coated with lubricating oil to prevent the glue from solidifying and clogging the pipeline in the machine.
6, high precision cantilever high speed dispenser need air pressure is maintained above 0.6MPa pressure.
7, ensure the high speed dispensing machine raw material bucket to transport raw material pressure is enough.
8, if not long-term production, but also every two days once gear pump operation for a period of time, to avoid the crystallization of the internal raw materials.
Floor type high speed dispenser
9. High speed dispensing machine raw material bucket discharge filter device should be cleaned regularly, keep clean.
10, scraping the mixing gun head, all components can not use the blade and other parts of the metal surface, must be placed in the cleaning agent for a period of time to soak.

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