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Attention should be paid to the safe operation of dispensing

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The use of automatic dispensing equipment in many fields has relatively key application components. The small edition of medium-sized manufacturing focuses on the precautions for safe operation of dispensing, which belong to the process that needs to be paid attention to in any operation stage. Once not strictly observed or paid attention to, it may pose a threat to personal safety. I hope the operators can understand these links.
Automatic dispensing equipment
The premise of safe operation dispensing is that the operator has received corresponding technical training, and can roughly and completely understand the use steps and basic performance of the machine, including the overall programming program settings, functions and effects of buttons, etc., which mainly affect whether the conventional adjustment function is correct.
Machine preparation process
1. Pre start the machine for about 15-20 minutes
2. Select the corresponding rubber valve or syringe according to the characteristics of the product and fix it at the clamping position.
3. Select the heating device according to the type of colloid, which is important in the safe operation of dispensing.
4. If the colloid belongs to the fluid melted after high temperature, it is necessary to observe whether the heating device reaches the set temperature before use.
551 automatic dispensing machine
What should be paid attention to in the use stage?
1. If the air compressor smoke is seen, it may be the load caused by long-term use, it is necessary to stop and check the cause
2. In case of emergency shutdown caused by fault, power shall be cut off immediately and special technicians shall check and deal with it
3. Avoid touching the machine directly with wet hands
FPC precision chip coating
To complete the dispensing of safe operation, it is necessary to configure relevant matters, such as the stability of the voltage connected, the uniformity of the pressure of glue supply without fluctuation, the continuity of the supply of glue, etc. the guarantee of these factors can also help to promote the dispensing of safe operation to a certain extent.

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