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The properties of hot melt adhesive may affect the heating t

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Heating temperature of hot melt adhesive The application of high viscosity hot melt adhesive in the actual situation has been common. The high-speed dispenser needs to be able to control the hot melt adhesive filling bid, which needs to be matched with the corresponding combination accessories. In addition, it needs to meet the conditions of the hot melt adhesive heating temperature. After full heating, the hot melt adhesive will present a flow state for driving out the adhesive. In fact, the hot melt adhesive will be subdivided down a lot, if it needs to be distinguished There will be dozens of them.
Solid hot melt block
The common heating temperature of hot-melt adhesive is about 120 ℃, which is not a suitable heating temperature coefficient. The melting temperature of some hot-melt adhesive will not melt until it reaches 200 ℃ or above. The dispensing pressure bucket configured by the Chinese system automation can be equipped with an external heating package to control the temperature of the gel, which will start to heat when it is tied to the peripheral end of the pressure bucket and connected with electricity. It needs to be heated to the integrity Of course, the viscosity of some hot melts is too high and the fluidity is not good, so the heating time will be different.
Matching hot melt automatic dispensing machine
There is a high-speed dispensing machine under Sinochem automation that can check the heating temperature of hot melt adhesive and put it into use. It belongs to the automation equipment with hot melt adhesive controller. It can put the solid hot melt adhesive strip or hot melt adhesive block into the storage device. When the equipment is powered on, it will start to heat the solid hot melt adhesive. When it is heated to a certain temperature, it will stop heating and be in the state of ready to start As long as you press the start key of the dispenser, the hot-melt adhesive will be sprayed through the air pressure driven fluid. The overall bonding strength is related to the colloidal property, so you need to select the hot-melt adhesive of normal quality for use.
Manual hot melt glue control machine
At present, the Chinese system can supply a complete set of automatic hot melt glue dispenser, which is suitable for the condition control of a variety of hot melt glue heating temperature, and has the advantages of convenience, rapidity and comprehensive direction. degree

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