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Selection of hot melt glue spraying equipment for operating

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The surgical clothing is the protective clothing worn by surgeons for operation, which is helpful to reduce the gap of contact with pathogenic bacteria. In this system, we want to introduce the function of hot melt glue spraying on the surgical clothing and the selection of equipment. The hot melt glue spraying machine has corresponding experience and recognition in the whole dispensing field. It plays an important role in the manufacturing of the surgical clothing. In addition, it plays an important role in other raincoats , tights, underwear and other glue spraying equipment are also selected.
Hot melt adhesive spraying on the operating clothes
Requirements of glue spraying and demand level of the industry
Because the surgical gown is worn by the surgeon during the operation, it is necessary to prevent the surgeon from being infected in order to ensure the patient's safety. It is clean and tidy without producing fine chips or dust. In the past, the surgical gown without glue spraying technology investment has more or less the phenomenon of fine particles falling. The comprehensive follow-up and promotion of technology have requirements for the entire manufacturing field. The surgical gown Hot melt glue spraying is to change the backward mode of needle car stitching in the past. This way of stitching will be more solid and seamless, so it can greatly shorten the problems of dust or particle drop infection in surgery.
Large platform glue sprayer
Performance of automatic hot melt glue sprayer
The hot melt glue spraying machine belongs to the machine of floor type structure, and the overall operation platform is larger than the previous platform machine. The actual operation of the equipment is efficient, stable filling, seamless fit, in line with the overall needs of hot melt glue spraying for the operating clothes, in addition, it has the role of environmental protection and energy saving, and can develop high-precision glue spraying of different types and schemes according to the actual needs. This automatic operation mode It can adjust the parameters of rubber material control and efficiency in real time. It is an optional equipment in the surgical garment industry.
High temperature hot melt glue valve
The reason why the manufacturing of surgical clothes abandoned the previous sewing technology is that the technology has been unable to adapt to the increasingly high requirements for fluid barrier, so hot melt glue sprayer has become the first choice. After spraying hot melt glue, the surgical clothes have a relatively large proportion of use in the whole industry.

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