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Select precise dispenser to carry out all kinds of red glue

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Red glue dispensing red glue is a kind of special adhesive, which is mainly used for red glue and UV glue production line operation. Selecting the equipment suitable for red glue dispensing can effectively realize self feeding and saving feeding time.
Red glue
It needs high temperature and heat to dry and solidify. At the same time, it needs a temperature as high as 150 ℃, which limits the application scale of red glue. The application of red glue is also an inspection of the bench top precision dispensing machine. The relatively appropriate dispensing temperature of red glue is 30-35 ℃, which is attributed to the good circulation of constant temperature red glue. Therefore, the dispensing can be completed only by reducing the circulation of red glue.
The application of red glue dispensing requires the completion of the dispensing machine at high temperature. The photoelectric sensor is assembled on the base material of the precision dispensing machine to complete the person position supervision. If the technical personnel exceeds the control area, they will immediately send an early warning, which can avoid the occurrence of safety incidents of the technical personnel.
High temperature red glue
At present, most of the circuit boards used are two-sided patches. In order to prevent the parts on the dropping surface from falling down due to the melting of solder paste again when returning to the furnace, in the precise dispenser installed on the dropping surface, it is to drop the glue onto the placement part of PCB, and its key function is to place the electronic parts on the PCB. The machine used is red glue precision dispensing machine, which is located in the front of SMT production line or behind the detection instrument to complete red glue dispensing.
Desktop type automatic dispensing machine
The bench top precision dispensing machine is equipped with an excellent and high-precision solenoid valve intelligent controller in the mainland, which can operate more than 650 times. At the same time, it is equipped with a manipulator that can draw and accurately dot on the inclined surface and 3D surface by itself. It does not need professional technical personnel to teach the application of this technology to complete the red glue dispensing, because the dispensing machine is equipped with a teaching box, which has a bench top precision The dispenser is thus ordered, if an hour is almost adept at production.

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