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A series of precautions during dispensing

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In many dispensing precautions, the service life of spare parts is very important. The core parts carefully adopt spare parts. When achieving a high speed and accuracy level, the provisions of high quality under the automatic production standard should also be considered. The blocking of rubber valve interface and pipeline is due to excessive moisture or recycled quick drying rubber. Before using the automatic dispensing machine, the latest quick drying glue shall be used, and the pipeline shall be completely washed with acetone without moisture. The air used shall be dry and the filter device shall be installed between the air pressure in the plant and the glue valve system. If no effect is found, N2 will be used for flushing.
Desktop 551 automatic dispensing machine
In the dispensing precautions, it is easy to ignore the influence of the needle, and the size of the needle will cause the leakage and vertical flow from time to time. 95% of the leakage and vertical flow are caused by too small needle size. Too small needle will harm the outflow of liquid and lead to back pressure, and finally lead to leakage after closing the rubber valve for a period of time. Too small needle will also harm the exhaust bubble behavior when the rubber valve is gradually used. If the larger needle is replaced, this kind of problem can be solved. The conical inclined needle causes less back pressure and the liquid outflow is the most smooth. The most important aspect of nature, don't forget to set up the matching air pressure according to the glue viscosity.
Dispenser dispensing
In this way, when starting the operation, you should pay attention to several aspects of dispensing precautions:
1. The rated voltage of the automatic dispensing machine is full voltage mode. Please check the reasonable voltage of ac110 ~ 220V before using the upper point;
2. Don't forget to check whether the grounding protection circuit is carried out to ensure personal reliability;
3. Check whether the equipment is impurity before working to prevent impurity from falling into the equipment.
Fill with silica gel
4. In order to grasp the hidden danger of accidents, it is not allowed to touch the equipment in operation by body;
5. There is a point in the dispensing precautions. If you want to replace castings or materials, you need to shut down the equipment for operation before using it to ensure safety (advocate);
6. When the equipment is disconnected from the power supply, it is not allowed to take over the hand-held burner (adding the burner when the equipment is electrified will damage the burner)

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