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Knowledge about dispensing of LCD TV

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When it comes to LCD TV, it can be said that the home appliances with high coverage in all countries in the world. The dispensing of LCD TV in the manufacturing process determines the production quality of the finished products. As far as China is concerned, there is one LCD TV in every family. There will be a little more talk about LCD TV here. There are not many kids who don't understand LCD TV, as far as the elderly and toddlers are concerned, but we will explain below Is the dispensing machine in the LCD TV production needs to play the role of dispensing.
LCD screen
LCD TV refers to the use of electronic information technology and equipment to transmit action pictures and audio signals, that is, the television receiver, which is also the main radio program video communication equipment. The early television was created by British technician John Logie Baird in 1925. TV is also called flat TV, CRT TV, old TV, projection TV, 3D TV, etc. TV manufacturing has also developed from the old black-and-white TV to color TV, flat screen TV and Internet TV, with more functions and more trends.
Dot coating of LCD
Similar to the movie, the television uses the visual residual phenomenon of the naked eye to display the still image of the texture of each frame, which is the effect of the adhesive protection of the circuit board in the dispensing of the LCD TV, and produces the visual action picture. The push end of the television system transforms the different fine parts of the scene into electrical signals according to brightness and chroma, and then transmits them in order. At the receiving end, the original picture of the whole picture is reproduced by displaying the brightness and chroma of each micro part according to the corresponding geometric part. The development of scientific and technological innovation is one of the main reasons for the popularization of LCD TV in a short time.
LCD TV consists of the following parts:
Shell, panel controller, meter core (circuit board), picture tube, remote control mobile phone, etc.
So what are the regulations of LCD TV dispensing circuit board on dispensing equipment?
1. Heat resistance - 50 ~ 150 ℃
2. Strong adhesion of common electronic components
3. Basic product testing and qualification
4. Energy saving, no pollution, no volatile organic waste gas discharge to the natural environment
5. Waterproof, anti-static, anti-seismic, dustproof, mildew and salt proof circuit board after dispensing LCD TV
Automatic double liquid dispensing machine

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