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Application of hot melt glue dispenser in various aspects of

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According to dispensing, gluing and bonding technology in automobile enterprises, it has been more than fifty years. Recently, due to the higher and higher commercialization standard of auto parts' gluing, the raw materials used in automobile production are gradually diversified, the steps of bonding and sealing have become indispensable, the adhesives have become the necessary raw materials for automobile production, and the dispensing and bonding technology has become the key in automobile industry One of the technologies.
Light spot coating
The adhesive used for automobile not only meets the service life standard of automobile, but also has the process performance of mass production flow production. It not only has reasonable physical and chemical characteristics, but also has good construction characteristics, involving the storage reliability, transportation safety performance. On the one hand, the hot-melt adhesive has corresponding advantages, and then has the advantages in automobile industry According to, mainly for the adhesion of the car roof, the interior and exterior decoration of the car, the car body covering parts are welded and sealed and a series of car parts are glued, of which polyester and polyamide hot-melt adhesives are the most.
As we all know, a car is composed of tens of thousands of parts. In other countries, a car needs hot-melt adhesive 4kg before and after. It focuses on the number of adhesives for car parts and the demand for hot-melt adhesive dispenser. The actual application of the parts reflects:
1. Headlight
In the past, the headlamp used to be sealed with rubber sealing strip with holes. According to the screw, the seal can be clamped tightly. After the hot-melt adhesive is used, the seal can be quickly glued, which not only reduces the cost, but also benefits the intelligent production, and has better sealing performance.
2, car seat
In the past, seat production used to place seat cushions and structures together by crimping, buckles and other equipment. At present, it is glued by hot-melt adhesive, which can not only reduce the occurrence of displacement, but also realize semi-automatic production and greatly reduce the cost of adhesive for many auto parts.
Apply glue to vehicle logo points
3. Automobile instrument panel ventilation duct
After the car dashboard and cardboard parts are bonded, a cavity ventilation channel is formed. In the past, they were connected with large staples, which not only consumed time, but also sealed poorly. After the color hot melt adhesive, the working efficiency was enhanced and the quality was ensured.
4. Car accelerator pedal
The accelerator pedal of car is made of polypropylene raw material. Considering the wear resistance comprehensively, a polyformaldehyde disc needs to be bonded in the inner groove. This disc belongs to the raw material that is difficult to stick. Only hot-melt adhesive can be used for bonding.
5. EPC for intake pipe of automobile engine
The intake pipe of the engine is made of aluminum alloy, and the production is made of expanded polystyrene lost foam. Because of the hollow structure, the two parts need to be glued into a whole. This technical standard can be realized in a few tens of years, and the adhesive should not be seen together with the polystyrene foam at the aluminum water temperature. It is very reasonable to use EVA / vinegar based hot melt adhesive.
Table top hot melt dispensing machine
The application of hot-melt glue dispenser in the auto industry of auto parts adhesive has dealt with too many technical problems, enhanced the efficiency of auto production, and also made the overall production of auto cleaner and more comprehensive. Hot-melt glue dispenser is one of the most important parts of auto production basis.

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