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Pay attention to the common problems in the application of g

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The following is a brief description of the common application problems of various glue solutions
Epoxy glue
Quality guarantee period
1. Different products have shelf life. According to industry standards and industry specifications, shelf life refers to the state of normal temperature (24 ℃). 20 ℃ for acrylates.
2. For acrylate products, the higher the temperature, the shorter the shelf life.
3. For water-based products, if the temperature is below - 1 ℃, immediately disturb the product quality.
Instant adhesive
Adhesion effect
1. At present, there is no universal glue, different adherends, it is better to choose special adhesive.
2. It has low effect on the adherend itself, so it is not necessary to choose high-strength products, otherwise, it will overuse and increase the cost.
3. We should not only pay attention to the high effect at the beginning, but also take full account of the good durability.
4. The adhesive characteristics of high-temperature dry consolidation far exceed that of normal temperature dry consolidation. For example, if the specified function is high and the durability is good, high-temperature dry consolidation adhesive should be selected.
5. For a cyanoacrylate adhesive (502 strong adhesive), except for emergency or small area repair and continuous manufacturing, it is not suitable for selection of materials with high adhesion.
High viscosity conductive silicone grease
Common glue application problems:
1. The adherend must be clean and tidy without water (except for underwater dry adhesive).
2. In order to achieve high adhesion, it is better to grind the adherend.
3. The arrangement of the bonding joint affects the bonding level.
4. When the glue solution is applied, it must be used now. Do not leave it for too long. If it is dried quickly, it is not suitable for 2min.
5. In many glue application problems, if you want to work high and dry fast, it can be seen that its state is heated. When dispensing, it is not suitable to be too thick. Generally, 0.5mm is better, and the thicker the glue, the worse the adhesion.
6. When bonding things, it is better to press or fix them with a jig.
7. In order to improve the function of silicone rubber, it is better to keep it for 24 hours after bonding.
8. Single component water-soluble resin or water-soluble type must be mixed evenly during application.
9. For water-soluble resin products, after dispensing, it is necessary to cool them until they are not too sticky, and then do a good job of bonding.
10. For the adhesive of AB component, the dosage shall be in accordance with the instructions. It must be completely mixed before application. Do not leave any dead angle, otherwise it is not easy to dry.

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