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Influence of social policy on automatic dispensing and packa

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The implementation of the optoelectronic industry plan can not only alleviate the problems of LED lighting industry, but also represent the opportunity to promote the automatic dispensing and packaging industry.
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The lighting industry has undergone great changes from the original photovoltaic industry to the gold industry, and then a series of LED manufacturers' losses. Until now, the domestic LED industry has been on the brink of crisis. In this period of time, the new policies of domestic politics and culture are indeed favorable for the lighting industry. Not only in this way, the automatic dispensing and packaging industry, which is greatly disturbed by the LED industry, will also enter the industry revolution.
This paper summarizes the related problems encountered by LED lighting industry. The decline of foreign market caused a sharp decline in the export orders of lighting industry, involving all industries, such as the export of automatic dispensing and packaging industries such as automatic dispensing machine. Business operations in all industries are crumbling.
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The loss of foreign market is largely due to the domestic lighting industry and the technology level of fully automatic dispenser and fully automatic filling machine, which is generally lower than that of other developed countries. With no sound and useful national standards, optoelectronic industry and automatic dispensing and packaging industry focus on the domestic industry after losing power in foreign market, which leads to the competition of the industry. In addition, due to the imperfect industry standards, chaotic competition and monopoly, many small and medium-sized enterprises encounter problems.
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In the early stage, the total investment of domestic LED industry is planned to increase very high. In addition, the photoelectric industry in the upstream industry of automatic dispensing and packaging industry. At present, with the support of policies and market economy, the optoelectronic industry, full-automatic dispenser and full-automatic dispenser manufacturers have to analyze one by one based on the problems of the industry so far. Standard lighting industry, promote independent innovation, improve product and service level, help led, automatic dispensing and packaging industry to occupy foreign market again.

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