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Knowledge of glue quantity when using visual dispensing mach

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The professional development direction of visual dispensing machine can be called very successful now. In the process of higher efficiency required by the industry market, visual dispensing machine can certainly achieve the desired effect of consumers. Based on its full-automatic positioning service, it can help consumers to carry out high-speed dispensing requirements in the process, with high precision and many advantages, but its full functions are as follows: The most common is the difficulty of controlling the glue quantity of visual dispensing machine.
Visual dispensing machine
Generally, the difficulties that lead to the effect of glue output are as follows
1. The standard air pressure of the air pipe is insufficient, and the effect of controlling the amount of extruded rubber is not obvious
2. Leakage and too small glue output
3. The second application of dispensing cylinder causes the difficulty of dispensing needle blocking
Visual dispensing machine with PC
The standard air pressure of the visual dispenser should be adjusted in a proper range, neither too high nor too low. Otherwise, it is very easy to lead to bad glue output. The difficulty of standard air pressure shortage occurs only when the pressure barrel is not stable. The inlet air pressure gauge should be adjusted to about 11 to 14 psi, and the air pipe pressure should be controlled in accordance with the glue volume. The main reason for the leakage of the visual dispensing machine is the lack of glue concentration value, which causes the glue to drop down along the syringe during dispensing. If the vacuum pump suction effect is improved, the relative gas pressure difference between the internal of the dispensing valve and the external atmospheric pressure can be used, so that the dispensing valve can be closed to ensure the control of glue quantity, so that the visual dispensing machine can be timely carried out to improve the glue quantity During maintenance.
Dispensing valve control glue quantity
In fact, the size controlled by glue quantity is very fundamental. Based on the fact that it will immediately affect the quality of the product, if you want to adjust the glue quantity, you need to figure out how the glue goes out. Generally, there are two ways to glue out. One is to pressure the glue. When the glue is under pressure, it is on the surface or on the opposite side of the product after it goes out in the syringe. The other is to set the glue out time. The more glue out time The greater the amount of time, the smaller on the contrary.

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