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Before the relativity of touch screen mobile phones, the mobile phones were more intelligent. Before the function, the mobile phone models also had a lot of changes, such as thin model, ultra sensitive display screen, seamless frame. How to ensure many processes? What are the touch screen mobile dispensing processes?
Touch screen mobile phone surface filling and dispensing
With the rapid progress of the Internet era, touch-screen mobile phones have long been deeply integrated into today's society. They are all-purpose devices for many people. The display of similar mobile intelligent terminals has adjusted today's social form. It happens that such a smart mobile phone with high quality produces information and convenience. Therefore, in the touch-screen mobile dispensing industry, priority should be given to precision and quality efficiency to select visual high-speed points The glue machine can complete the application regulations.
Floor type visual control dispenser
In the market, the dispensing process of touch-screen mobile phone basically includes the placement of mobile phone motherboard, the bonding of plastic shell, the bonding of mobile phone screen and outer frame, the positioning of camera interface, the bonding and placement of side keys, charging and the placement of headphone jack. Different products have different mobile phone functions and different dispensing requirements. The dispensing process of touch-screen mobile phone must be designed according to the detailed situation And mobile phone dispensing professional equipment.
Cabinet vision automatic dispensing machine
A high-quality touch-screen mobile phone, dispensing process must be high-precision, high-precision, for this reason, the visual high-speed dispensing machine can guarantee high-quality manufacturing function for the touch-screen mobile phone production line, it is suitable for dispensing precise components of mobile phone, it can handle various problems such as the main board of mobile phone hanging glue, the outer frame of mobile phone precise dispensing, etc., with the visual high-speed dispensing machine, it can solve a variety of different types and Type of touch-screen phone dispensing helps users complete high-speed and high-tech manufacturing.

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