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Core working principle of piezoelectric spray dispensing val

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Dispensing equipment can be equipped with a lot of dispensing valves for dispensing. Common types of dispensing valves include jet valve, screw valve, diaphragm valve, screw valve, precision dispensing valve, etc. However, when choosing dispensing equipment, it is necessary to consider the industry requirements and glue characteristics. For example, light-emitting diode dispensing needs to select the appropriate glue valve according to the current industry requirements and glue characteristics, For accuracy, spray dispensing valve can be selected; for two-component glue, double liquid dispensing valve can be selected; for high viscosity glue, silica gel dispensing valve can be used. The working principle of each valve is different. The core of the working principle of the spray dispensing valve is analyzed.
Fan spray dispensing valve
The piezoelectric spray valve can be matched with the controller to realize the current type regulating fluid control mode, so as to ensure that it can be accurately sprayed in the light-emitting diode. Each point is very accurate, and the error is about 0.2%. With the double pressure mode of air pressure and current, the glue spray speed is very fast, which is the working principle of the spray type dispensing valve. However, it has another feature, that is, the cleaning method And it is not easy to damage. Basically, the sealing ring does not give force, others do not need to be replaced.
Special spray dispensing valve
Due to the relatively high control difficulty of low viscosity fluid, it is difficult to meet the use requirements of some difficult industries, especially for the fluid with viscosity less than 1000 centipoise. If the glue is used for the general glue valve, the problem of glue flow will occur 100%. Because the general glue valve is less airtight, so the low viscosity glue cannot be used, which is very normal. This spray valve dispensing valve is designed mainly for low viscosity glue, so you have a certain understanding of the working principle of the spray dispensing valve.

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