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Technical problems to be met when white glue coating is used

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Packaging is an important place for every manufacturer, and some costs will be invested in packaging. The requirements of manufacturers for dispensing in packaging industry are gradually increasing. As the dispensing technology changes from contact dispensing to non-contact dispensing, many manufacturers gradually prefer to use non-contact dispensing. However, the market share of non-contact machines in China is less than 10%, and its development and application are still in progress In the initial stage, facing the increasingly strict market technical requirements, how should manufacturers deal with the problems raised by customers? Today, Chinese manufacturers show the non-contact dispensing technology.
Coating and dispensing of LED light tube
Application requirements:
1. The positive pole of LED tube is coated with white glue,
2. The diode coverage area needs to be about 80%.
3. White glue covers the position of solder,
4. Product size 3M * 3M.
Water based white filler
Application difficulties (technical difficulties):
1. No glue is allowed on the wafer surface.
2. The glue thickness shall not exceed 5 / 4 of the chip height.
3. The gluing line shall not exceed 0.001mm.
Double liquid filling dispensing valve
Description of capacity or effect:
1. Compared with the double needle metering valve UPH, the single injection valve is doubled
2. The non-contact dispensing valve has obvious advantages in preventing line pressing and controlling glue thickness.
3. A large amount of glue needs to be wasted in the early test of the metering valve, and the spray dispensing valve can reduce the glue loss rate.

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