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The quick drying adhesive solidifies too fast because there

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Quick drying adhesive is a kind of fast drying adhesive as its name implies. It is easy to cure quickly after coating. To solve the problem, tackifier, thickener, stabilizer, toughener and polymerization inhibitor should be added. It can solve the problem of fast curing of quick drying adhesive. When applied to rubber, metal, plastic, wood and other materials, the setting speed will be faster, and the bonding effect is very strong. Quick drying glue is a kind of single component glue, which does not contain other solvents. It is a relatively single glue. Its working principle: it can produce high polymerization reaction by using the atmospheric humidity in the air, resulting in the fast solidification of glue. Because of this feature, many equipment are unable to use.
Quick drying filler
The quick drying glue will solidify immediately when encountering the moisture in the air, so the product needs to be stored in a cool and ventilated place, dark packing materials are used to avoid direct sunlight, and stored in a cool and dry place to avoid the contact of sunlight or ultraviolet rays. How to prevent the quick drying glue from solidifying too fast is a problem that many dispenser manufacturers are considering. Our Chinese system has developed to meet the requirements of quick drying The glue equipment can keep the fast drying glue from solidifying before dispensing.
331 stroke quick drying dispensing machine
The quick drying glue dispenser produced in China adopts the glue valve and hose made of professional Teflon material, which is a kind of material that will not react with quick drying glue, so that the quick drying glue can be used under the best working condition. In addition, a Teflon needle suitable for dispensing is developed to ensure the dispensing accuracy. Quick drying adhesive bonding strength, the best quick drying adhesive point state is not wrinkled, not white, with high humidity, heat-resistant and transparent characteristics. The flexibility is mainly reflected in the slide rail and machine arm, improving the accuracy of the high-speed dispenser, and after the glue solidifies, there is no need to do secondary treatment, but the equipment needs to be maintained, which is the factor to solve the quick curing of quick drying adhesive.

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