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Main factors of insufficient filling and sealing capacity of

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Precision dispenser is widely used in dispensing industry, with high-precision dispensing characteristics. It is suitable for electronic communication industry and automobile manufacturing industry. It is a kind of industry that adheres to precision, including small injection range, small product volume, and high-precision dispensing. Precision dispenser is also commonly used for insufficient filling and sealing. What are the main reasons for insufficient filling and sealing?
Desktop dispensing machine
Bottom filling process: apply epoxy resin glue on the edge of the flip chip, absorb the glue to the bottom of the chip through "capillary effect", and then the glue solidifies under heating, which completes the bottom filling of the chip.
Performance requirements of precision dispenser for bottom filling process:
First, the glue is heated, which can not be completely heated to the degree of curing. It is necessary to maintain the fluidity of the glue, and then fill the bottom. Therefore, the precise dispensing machine equipment needs to be equipped with a heating device.
Second, the bottom filling process requires heating components, which can speed up the capillary flow rate of glue and provide favorable guarantee for normal curing.
Third, the bottom filling technology needs to be matched with the technology of precision dispensing machine. When the RF shielding device is assembled in place, the dispensing operation needs to be carried out through the upper surface.
Double head precision hot melt dispensing machine
Technical features:
1. Zz-3030hd series dispensing system has obvious advantages of high cost performance, reliability, durability and simple design, which is suitable for multi specification circuit board and substrate coating.
2. Equipped with simple PLC operation software to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. The system is designed for the application of dispensing products, such as chip packaging, circuit board components, medical supplies, etc.
3. It can be collocated with double z-axis double head dispensing, the track width can be adjusted, single and double tracks can be selected, and it can be applied to a wider range of products.
4. The precision dispensing machine is used for dispensing and gluing of chip packaging, circuit board assembly, medical supplies, LED lights and other products.
Automatic dispensing machine for filling compound

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