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Application of automatic dispensing machine in loudspeaker

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Speaker production needs to be applied to a variety of processes, and dispensing technology plays an irreplaceable role in speaker production, which is one of the applications of automatic dispensing machine. Silica gel needs to be glued and fixed in the speaker by distribution technology, so that it can be attached to the speaker for a long time to vibrate and sound. Therefore, the product quality of loudspeaker is closely related to the technological level of dispensing machine.
Horn speaker coating
At the same time, with the development of mobile phones, laptops, MP3 and so on to miniaturization and miniaturization. The speakers used in these products need miniaturization and high fidelity. This is undoubtedly a new challenge for manufacturers, because in addition to considering the impact of the adhesive itself on the sound quality, we must also consider the impact of the dispensing process on the sound quality, and we must ensure the control of the glue quantity and the consistency of the mixing or curing effect, which is a great test for the application of automatic dispensing machine.
331 control dispensing machine
Speaker dispenser is mainly used for drawing circle and pasting sound film. However, the sound quality of the speaker is closely related to the adhesive, so it is very important to choose the automatic dispenser. Of course, the use of automatic dispensing machine in the speaker dispensing has many advantages. For example, the dispensing position has high repetition accuracy, and the arm of the automatic dispensing machine platform can make perfect glue lines and dots according to customer requirements. It has high repetition precision and adopts screw driving mode locally to ensure accurate and stable operation under heavy load, with an accuracy of 0.0025mm. Dry and wet separation and compact screw fixation ensure that the valve does not contact with the fluid, prevent the erosion of the valve by the fluid, and reduce the maintenance cost.
331 automatic dispensing machine
The above is one of many automatic dispensing machine applications.

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